Celebrity Sighting!

So, I’ve been in “officially” in Austin for about 6 weeks now.  I’m still learning the town and liking what I’m seeing, but last night I got a sign from God (at least for the geeky fan-boy in me) that this town is my new “home.”

Last night I was out with other members of my team and a few customers and we were just chatting, getting to know each other, and overall having a good time at dinner.

After dinner, most of us walked back with the customers to the hotel, and then people started to peel off.  I was the last (non-customer) to leave.  This is because up until about 8 weeks ago I was a customer.  I’ll speak about that transition later.

So, it’s me and three customers standing in their hotel lobby telling our war stories of life in IT.  Then I notice someone pass by and walk up to the concierge desk.  This guy looks really familiar to me.  I discount this as just someone who looks like someone who I never met in person, but who I’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of times.  Then his buddy says something like, “Hey J. what about this?” and I froze.

Fifteen feet away from me was Jensen Ackles.  I was sure of it.  The next time that he walked by, I called out to him, trying to keep my fan boy down and I think I succeeded.  I shook his hand and we exchanged a few words.  I told him that I’m a very big fan of Supernatural.  He was kind enough to ask after us a little bit.  I finished up by saying that I knew he was busy, but that I just wanted to tell him how much my wife and I really enjoy the show.  For those that don’t know the show, think young version of “The Odd Couple” meets the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual and you got it.

So, this is it.  Austin is now home.

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