Exchange 2010 Terminated Users Migration Script

At my organization, I ran into an interesting situation. Our company, because of some policies which I do not comprehend, must keep departed personnel’s mailboxes for over one year. Now in most cases, I’d have exported these mailboxes to PSTs, delete the mailbox, then after a year, nix the PSTs.

The burn is that other active employees may need access to the departed person’s mailbox. That makes PST management nightmarish, so we just avoid that as an issue.

What we decided to do was to build a few Mailbox Servers for our terminated users. These servers are not members of any DAG, but just sit alone on less expensive storage because I/O isn’t nearly as critical. We gave the database and logs mount points a whole bunch of storage, so that we could grow and not really worry about this server. But to be on the safe side, I though it best to make sure that the databases grow at about the same rate. Going back to a previous post about balancing mailbox databases and creating moves, I altered that script specifically for terminated users.

The script is a little ugly, does virtually no logging, and only has the simplest error trapping, but this is for terminated user mailboxes, so what’s it matter, right? So now, on to the script:

If you have any quemments (questions/comments) please let me know and I’ll try to respond in a reasonable amount of time. Until next time script-kiddies…

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