Spider my Orion Pages with PowerShell & SWQL

A few days ago, I spoke before a small group of people about what I’d been doing with the Orion SDK.  I mentioned that I had created a Spider-Orion script that I use to navigate to every page in my install.  When I mentioned this script several people asked where it was published.  The short answer – here.

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Where are my Exchange 2016 Performance Counters?

So in my lab, I’ve got a handful of Exchange Servers and I’m monitoring them with my SolarWinds Orion Server. I did all the basics that I normally do when troubleshooting an Application Template that doesn’t seem to be pulling data properly and then I finally got on the server itself and checked for the … Read more

Are local servers the new “Brick & Mortar?”

Does anyone remember the outcry 10 years ago when Amazon revolutionized the retail book market?  I certainly do.  I used to love going to the mall and hitting up both (yes there were two) book stores looking for something new to read.  In fact, it was there that I first found the Wheel of Time … Read more

(Not) Home Lab Setup

Everyone in the #vDM30in30 challenge seems to be spouting off about their home labs.  Before I moved to Austin, I had a home lab.  It was a half-rack on the floor with 3 servers and two mass storage arrays coupled with a wiring cabinet on the wall with a cable modem, firewall, router, and switch.  … Read more

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