BlackBerry 10 and Dual Data Center

Today’s ramble is about the new BlackBerry 10 Infrastructure and how I see it interacting with a dual data center environment. I need to emphasize that this discussion is based solely on the RTM version of the BlackBerry 10 Enterprise Server. For those who have read the blog before, you know that I’m passionate about … Read more

PowerShell & BlackBerry Web Services (Part 4 – Coding)

As a summary, in Part 1, we did the necessary prep work.  In Part 2, we looked at the way that we could load the types generated from the BlackBerry Web Services.  In Part 3, we went over the pseudocode that was provided by Research In Motion. Here in Part 4, we’re actually going to … Read more

PowerShell & BlackBerry Web Services (Part 3 – Pseudocode)

In Part 1 of this series, we created a few files that are necessary to use the BlackBerry Web Services extensions.  In Part 2, I showed you how to load them into PowerShell.  Here in Part 3, we’ll be converting the C# sample code published by Research In Motion to PowerShell. A note about SSL: … Read more

PowerShell & BlackBerry Web Services (Part 2 – Loading)

In my previous post (here), I ran through the process of downloading and creating your own C# file and then compiling that into a DLL for use with BlackBerry’s Web Services (version 5.0.3+). After that work, you now have yourself a BesProxy.cs and a BesProxy.dll file that you can use to create the objects for … Read more

PowerShell & BlackBerry Web Services (Part 1 – Preparation)

UPDATE: I’ve made an update to this posting for BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10.1. See the posting here. If anyone is running BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0.3 or later, you should be aware that the new web front end also includes what Research in Motion is calling “BlackBerry Web Services.” This allows you to use Java (ew), … Read more

BlackBerry User Summary Reports (5.0.2 Compatible)

Although many people really like the standard reporting in the BlackBerry Monitor Server, we needed some more details for our usage at my company. This resulted in a new view being created for queries that spanned multiple tables to give “point in time” status on BlackBerry devices.  I wrote something similar a few years ago … Read more

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