Get Exchange 2010 Move Information

When I’ve migrated mailboxes from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007, I was always asked how quickly the mailboxes moved. It wasn’t the easiest to figure this information out, but I was able to report on it after massaging the data for a while. Exchange 2010 moves store the information differently and you can access that … Read more

Migrating Terminated User Mailboxes

Our organization keeps our terminated user mailboxes for a very long time.  We keep them active for a number of reasons, but most can be summed up as “we like to have the information available if we need it.”  That being said, we don’t really like having the mailboxes on our production (read “high speed/high … Read more

Exchange 2007 Migration Log Parser

I got a request recently to find out what mailboxes moved and when that took place.  I knew that each batch of mailbox moves creates two log files; a plain text log and an xml.  Since I knew right where they were, I decided to see what I could do about getting valuable data from … Read more

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