New-WebServiceProxy & SSL

If you’ve been working with New-WebServiceProxy in PowerShell and have insecure (hopefully) internal sites that you are working with, you’ve undoubtedly seen the following message: New-WebServiceProxy : The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel. At line:1 char:20 + New-WebServiceProxy <<<< -Uri https://[SERVERNAME]:[PORT]/[URLtoWSDL] + CategoryInfo : ObjectNotFound: (https://[SERVERNAME]:[PORT]/[URLtoWSDL]:Uri) … Read more

The Experts Conference 2012

So, like last year, I’m going to be attending TEC2012.  I’m primarily interested in the Exchange and PowerShell modules, but I’ll be adding more information later.  For those of you interested, this is one of the premier conferences that I’ve ever had the priviledge to attend.  If you can figure a way to attend, please … Read more

Migrating Terminated User Mailboxes

Our organization keeps our terminated user mailboxes for a very long time.  We keep them active for a number of reasons, but most can be summed up as “we like to have the information available if we need it.”  That being said, we don’t really like having the mailboxes on our production (read “high speed/high … Read more

New Hard Disk for Windows 7 x64

Today I picked up a replacement hard drive for my laptop.  The previous SSD Drive from Intel has been an absolute trooper, but it just doesn’t have the disk space I need for the work that I do.  I didn’t want to reinstall Windows again because it’s just a hassle.  I decided to try and … Read more

Backing up all DHCP Servers in a domain via PowerShell

The DHCP PowerShell script will dump the “raw” DHCP data to a text file for each Active Directory-aware DHCP server.  The file is saved to “C:DHCP-BackupSERVERNAME-YYYYMMDD.txt.”  This can be easily changed within the last few lines of the script itself.

Exchange 2007 Migration Log Parser

I got a request recently to find out what mailboxes moved and when that took place.  I knew that each batch of mailbox moves creates two log files; a plain text log and an xml.  Since I knew right where they were, I decided to see what I could do about getting valuable data from … Read more

BlackBerry User Summary Reports (5.0.2 Compatible)

Although many people really like the standard reporting in the BlackBerry Monitor Server, we needed some more details for our usage at my company. This resulted in a new view being created for queries that spanned multiple tables to give “point in time” status on BlackBerry devices.  I wrote something similar a few years ago … Read more

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