Day 1 – Learn

Never stop learning. — twinspar I’ve tried to live by this simple core belief since I was very young. Continuing to challenge your brain is crucial to keeping happy in life (and in your career). In fact, one of my favorite hashtags to review every so often if #TIL (today I learned…). In IT, it … Read more

Getting information about MSI files

Today I ran into an interesting continuous integration-type scenario.  One of the skunkworks projects that I’m looking at internally yields frequent builds of MSI files for the same product.  These MSI files are automatically generated (sometimes daily) by our source control system.

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Spider my Orion Pages with PowerShell & SWQL

A few days ago, I spoke before a small group of people about what I’d been doing with the Orion SDK.  I mentioned that I had created a Spider-Orion script that I use to navigate to every page in my install.  When I mentioned this script several people asked where it was published.  The short answer – here.

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Where are my Exchange 2016 Performance Counters?

So in my lab, I’ve got a handful of Exchange Servers and I’m monitoring them with my SolarWinds Orion Server. I did all the basics that I normally do when troubleshooting an Application Template that doesn’t seem to be pulling data properly and then I finally got on the server itself and checked for the … Read more

Are local servers the new “Brick & Mortar?”

Does anyone remember the outcry 10 years ago when Amazon revolutionized the retail book market?  I certainly do.  I used to love going to the mall and hitting up both (yes there were two) book stores looking for something new to read.  In fact, it was there that I first found the Wheel of Time … Read more

(Not) Home Lab Setup

Everyone in the #vDM30in30 challenge seems to be spouting off about their home labs.  Before I moved to Austin, I had a home lab.  It was a half-rack on the floor with 3 servers and two mass storage arrays coupled with a wiring cabinet on the wall with a cable modem, firewall, router, and switch.  … Read more

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