Setup SQL Disks

Setup SQL Disks

Yesterday, I wrote about how I setup SQL Servers Virtual Machines using PowerShell and PowerCLI.  Now that I’ve got the SQL Server imaged, it’s time to format the disks and prep the Page File. Let’s dig in.

Pretty simple:

  1. Initialize the Disks
  2. Check for Read-Only Flag & Format the Disks (NTFS with 64KB Blocks)
  3. Disable Automatic Indexing via WMI
  4. Statically set the Page File for the C: and D: Drives.

After execution (and a reboot to enable the page file changes), this is what you end up with:

The final step is to install SQL Server. That’s pretty tricky and I need to invoke a few tricks (and scripts) to get it done the way I want.  That’ll have to wait for another post.

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