Building My Orion Server Step 3 [Updated]

A few months ago, I wrote about the third step in setting up an Orion server from scratch.  After using this script for a few months, I realized there was an eventuality that I missed.

What did I miss?  It’s actually something simple that I overlooked.  When you run the Configuration Wizard a second time (which you do after updates), it “saves” the old SolarWinds web folder for a fallback.

This causes a problem (for me at least).  Since I wanted to change all the web site files to a different drive, this legacy folder (SolarWinds.backup.*) is the only one on the second drive and the new “SolarWinds” folder is still on the same drive as the inetpub folder.

To do this, we need to create the redirection for the inetpub folder before we install the Windows Features.  This is done by re-purposing the redirection portion of the script that I use later, and just moving it earlier.

This is the part in question.

Because of that, we don’t need to copy and apply the permissions to the inetpub folder that was moved.

So that makes the complete script a little smaller, but no less complex.  If you want step-by-step details, see my previous Step 3 posts.

1 thought on “Building My Orion Server Step 3 [Updated]

  1. Wow, these scripts are pure gold. Thank you for sharing – I’ve been depending on an automation tool to do most of the coding behind the scenes to accomplish automation – now I’m no longer able to use that tool so I’m currently in the process of learning powershell / powerCLI / node.js. Solarwinds is what I work with daily and I’m very familiar with the API – but as far as automated provisioning as you have outlined in the several articles you’ve posted here – I’m highly inexperienced (I would likely say the same with regards to my Powershell abilities). This material is going to be a huge part of me diving into Powershell with the end goal being able to understand and tweak what you have here. Being able to materialize a Solarwinds instance practically out of thin air is a worth goal to aspire to… I’m thinking that automating the provisioning of a SQL Server 2017 docker container would be a perfect add on to this. Thank you for the awesome work you have shared!

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