Speeding up multiple SolarWinds Orion Products Installations

I stumbled across an article called Install Orion products in unattended or silent mode that made me so happy because I install new Orion servers about 4 times a month.  There are only so many time I want to click “Next,” “Next”, “Finish” in any given day.  So, since I do this so often, I wanted to script this out.  The big two takeaways from this article are that you run the installer silently and can skip the Configuration Wizard from running after installation.

I’ve used this procedure after I’ve run my other build scripts (Create VM [Hyper-V], Create VM [VMware], Prepare the Disks, and Prepare the Computer).

So here’s the thought process:

  1. Save the Installers in a folder and give them short names.
  2. Create a function that will install them.
  3. Keep track to see when one completes.
  4. Let me know how long it took. (because I’m nosy)

Step 1 – Download & Rename the Installers

To download the installers, go to your Customer Portal and download the latest versions of each of your products.  I then extract out the installer (the “.exe” file) and leave the rest of the documentation.  I save that file into a central location (on my Orion Servers, this is “D:\Download”).  Then I rename them.  This is just for convenience, but I prefer the Three-Letter Acronym, followed by the version.  So “SolarWinds-NPM-v12.1-Full.exe” becomes “NPM_12.1.0.exe.”  This just helps me keep things straight.

Step 2 – Getting crafty with functions

The process is pretty straight forward, but please use my knowledge and scripts if you plan on doing this.  I forgot a thing or seven when I started writing this and was forced to revert to snapshot more than once.

The function is broken up into a few parts:

  • The parameter block with argument details.
  • The begin block where I setup a stopwatch.
  • The process block where I kick off the installation.
  • The end block where I stop the stopwatch.

Parameter Block

What this is saying is that there is a single parameter in position zero (first position) and it must match one of the list of names.  You’ll notice one Orion module missing – I already know.  More about that at a later date.

Begin Block

This basically stands up a Stopwatch object.  Which is just a way to keep time.  It’s not strictly necessary, but I like to know how long the installation took.

Process Block

This is the meat of the function.  It basically searches for the latest version of the product in question.  This part requires that the name match the Three-Letter Acronym followed by an underscore and then the version.  So NPM_12.1.0.exe would be reported as version  The .NET Framework already knows how to compare version numbers, so I’ll use that.

End Block

Close up shop and tell me how long the install took.

In total, the script looks like this:

Running the Script:


If you are very bored, you can watch the entire process below. (This is sped up to 10x so you don’t have to wait too long).

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