Speeding up multiple SolarWinds Orion Products Installations

I stumbled across an article called Install Orion products in unattended or silent mode that made me so happy because I install new Orion servers about 4 times a month.  There are only so many time I want to click “Next,” “Next”, “Finish” in any given day.  So, since I do this so often, I wanted to script this out.  The big two takeaways from this article are that you run the installer silently and can skip the Configuration Wizard from running after installation.

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Building my Orion Server [VMware Scripting Edition] – Step 1

This is part 1 of a multi-part post on updates that I’ve made to How I Build an Orion Server.  Primarily, it will be three parts.  If you need this for a Hyper-V environment, I’ve got that script as well.

  1. Building my Orion Servers in VMware
  2. Configuring the disks on the VM after OS install
  3. Configuring the VM with the new disks

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DIY: Longbow Transport from PVC

Photo courtesy of @Live_Danagerous

So this is a little different than any of my other posts.  Normally I post about something having to do with technology, but this time I’m focusing on something that is decidedly not technological.  I recently took up archery as a hobby – specifically shooting the longbow.  Why the longbow?  Because I’m actually a closet (or maybe not so closet), Renaissance Faire geek.  My close friends already know this about me, but many in the tech community do not.  This is my “coming out of the 16th century closet” post.

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