Building my Orion Server [Scripting Edition] – Step 2

In Step 1 of this series, I showed off the PowerShell scripts that I use to create a new Orion Server VM on Hyper-V.  Now we are on to configuring the disks.

As before, we have a boot drive and 4 additional drives which will contain various data files.  We first need to bring the disks online and initialize them.

Now my disks are online.  I need to create the proper partitions and format them.  Here I’m using NTFS and 64K block sizes.  There are all manner of decisions about which block size and file system is best.  These are what I found perform the best given my circumstances.  I give more reasoning (but I don’t go into detail in Step 1)

Before I can configure the disks, I need to define the names.  I do this with a series of PowerShell objects.  In Windows Disks are numbered from “0” so disk 0 contains my EFI, OS, and Recovery Partitions.  Disks 1 – 4 are my other disks.

Once I have this, I can cycle through each entry and create the partition and disk.  For my environment, I’m using Quick Formatting, but you should probably use Full formatting in a production environment.  First we create the partition, then we format the volume and label it.  Finally, we’ll go through and disable the indexing.

During this process I get a Windows Explorer popup that tells me that I need to format the drives (duh).  I’m already doing that, so I just cancel the drive dialog box.  I haven’t (yet) found a clever way to handle that nuisance.

Here’s what I get when done.

Lastly, I’ll configure the Page Files.

The Page File changes won’t take effect until I reboot… but before I reboot, I rename the system.  I can do this via PowerShell, but I prefer to do this particular step by hand so that I can confirm that the computer account was properly added to the domain.  I have a tendency to reuse computer names and forget to delete or reset the computer account in Active Directory.  This is just about the only thing that I do by hand.

Step 3 will conclude this series where I configure the rest of the settings in prepping this server for installation of the Orion Suite.

Check back soon to get the last step and as always, please inject your comments – I’m always in search of feedback.

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