Spider my Orion Pages with PowerShell & SWQL

A few days ago, I spoke before a small group of people about what I’d been doing with the Orion SDK.  I mentioned that I had created a Spider-Orion script that I use to navigate to every page in my install.  When I mentioned this script several people asked where it was published.  The short answer – here.

Now most of my Orion SDK scripts are “one-shots.”  These are quick blips that are used once (saved) and then forgotten.  This is one such script.  I wrote it, but never formalized it (good commenting, converting it to a function, writing better error trapping, etc.), which I try to do with most scripts that I publish.  I was encouraged by this class that I spoke to that making it formalized was far less important than making it available.

I felt rather sheepish, but decided that they are right.  So here’s my script.  It’s commented out fairly well, but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  I don’t mind responding to comments.


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