Challenge Accepted

The November Post-A-Day challenge (better known as #vDM30in30) has begun and I’m going to commit to making a post a day. I’ll be honest, I don’t know too much about the Virtual Design Management, but I do love a challenge – specifically this challenge.

Side-bonus – if I’m typing, I’m less likely to eat up all the remaining Halloween candy, right? Right? (Oh please, let this be correct)

I first heard about this from a new coworker and kindred spirit, @gminks, who published her first post today and beat me to the punch.

Back in 2014 the gauntlet was thrown down and a blogging challenge was introduced. The task: To write a post a day in November. Adding this to the other challenge for November (No Shave November), will probably drive my wife to want to murder hairy-faced me before we even see December in the distance, but I digress..

Now anyone who knows me, knows that I like a challenge, but that I also detest editing my own work. As you can see, this leads me to an impasse.  So I’ve decided to skip the editing as much as possible since I’ve got a busy-enough November anyway.

We’ve got a quick jaunt through Barovia scheduled with @leonadato, @jbiggley and the aforementioned @gminks scheduled for the 6th followed by a trip to London, UK for a SWUG, and then a trip to the Czech Republic to stay through the (US) Thanksgiving holiday.

Like I said, I’m not sure that I can actually complete this challenge, but I’m looking forward to getting the creative juices flowing and seeing what happens.

Until next post ramblers…

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