Required Windows Features with SolarWinds Orion

My presentation is completely built around optimizing your SolarWinds Orion installation.  In that presentation, I make reference to several scripts that I use to help me in provisioning Orion Servers.

One such script is used to install the necessary Windows Features for each role.  It uses XML files as the source for which features are needed prior to the installation.

The script itself is simple:

These scripts rely on 4 different XML Files as sources for the list of installation roles.  I’ve provided downloads to each of them below.

They are:

Just save the script and the XML file in the same folder on your Orion Server, alter the “Role” value to one of the four outlined and run it.

Please note that this will attempt to install the .NET Framework 3.51 directly from Microsoft Update.  If you do not have access, or are using a WSUS infrastructure, you’ll need to add the “-Source” argument to the “Add-WindowsFeature” function and provide it the path to a Windows Installation source.

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