Exchange & Autonomy

My organization uses Autonomy (now owned by HP) to integrate our Mail and Document Management Systems.  Currently we’ve got it configured to run in multiple ways including automatic folder-based filing and point in time filing.  From what the team who runs the Autonomy system tell me, it has horrible logging when an item doesn’t get filed.  They asked me to report some of that stuff from Exchange, and I didn’t know how (at first).

It took me many months of playing with Exchange Web Services to get it running the way that I expected.  For everyone’s amusement, I’m including the complete script here.  Most of the basis for this and logic behind it was driven by Glen’s Exchange Dev Blog.  He has been a true hero to those of us playing with Exchange Web Services.  Check out his blog if you want more information.

I’ll probably be coming back in the future to make a few edits and explain some of the crazier code that I used, but here’s the basics.

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