BlackBerry User Summary Reports (5.0.2 Compatible)

Although many people really like the standard reporting in the BlackBerry Monitor Server, we needed some more details for our usage at my company.

This resulted in a new view being created for queries that spanned multiple tables to give “point in time” status on BlackBerry devices.  I wrote something similar a few years ago while we were still on 4.1.X, but decided to update it for the 5.0 servers.

The information I felt was absolutely necessary was: Display Name (of the user), Model of the BlackBerry, Handheld Application Version, Handheld Platform Version, Phone Number assigned to device (even if it is a data-only device), IMEI (Serial Number), Home Network (or Cellular Provider), IT Policy Name (in which policy are they placed), PIN Email Address Exchange Server, BES Server (we run a total of seven and identification of the BES is a must), Number of Messages Pending, Number of Messages Sent, Number of Messages Forwarded, Last Contact (as a time difference from the current), and User ID in the Database

After tinkering around with it for a while and getting assistance from a friend who knows the cool SQL stuff better than I do, we came up with a view.  Most of this information is available in one view, the vUserConfigStats view, but some is buried in the ServerConfig Table.  Here’s what my view looks like with some very simple comments.

The result set looks something like this (items redacted for privacy):

DisplayName Sparenberg, Kevin M.
Model 9810
PhoneNumber (917) 555-2122
IMEI 000000.00.000000.0
HomeNetwork AT&T
ITPolicyName Default IT Policy
SMTPAddress Kevin.Sparenberg@email-domain.local
ExchangeServer ExchangeServer01
BESServer BESServer02
MsgsPending 0
LastContact 586
MsgsSent 458
MsgsForwarded 22990
SIMCard 1111.2222.3333.4444.5555
CurrentPolicyName Default IT Policy
ITPolicyMatch 1
UserId 4278


2 thoughts on “BlackBerry User Summary Reports (5.0.2 Compatible)

  1. Do you have the previous version of this script for BES 4.1.x? This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, but we haven’t upgraded to BES 5.x yet.

    • Actually, it’s pretty darn close to the same thing. I’d honestly try it and see what you get. I originally wrote this for BES 4.1.7 (I think), and just adapted it when we moved over. The database layout changed very little. Feel free to try it out and I’ll even help with tweaks if necessary.

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