SAM & Multi-Statistic Component Scripts

In September I wrote a few things about how I use SAM Script Templates – specifically with PowerShell.  One of the more powerful things in the SAM arsenal is the ability to return multiple components in a single script.  I’ve used this in any number of ways, but the one that gives me the most satisfaction is a PowerShell script that I wrote for Linux.

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Scripting SQL Server Installation

This is where I show that I’m really not a DBA.  I’m an Accidental DBA at best, and a nuisance at worst.  SQL Server already has the capability to be installed via command line parameters or a configuration file.  If I setup the machine the same way every single time, this would be fine, but since I need to change the placement of certain file types, I need to have the ability to change on the fly.

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Simple Automation Example using Orion SDK

A few months ago, I really stated digging into the Orion SDK and I wanted to know more about ways to automate adding nodes to Orion.  Sure, I can wait for the Network Discovery to kick off, but I’m impatient.  I’ve gotten many of the parts together over time, but this is my first post where I put everything together.  For this version, I use the PowerShell Snap-In.  I will add an additional post later using the PowerOrion Module.

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SAM PowerShell Scripting Template

I write a lot of PowerShell scripts.  Like a lot, a lot.  I write them for any manner of things, but recently I’ve been tasked to help out with a few Server & Application Monitor templates.  These are some of the most interesting things that SAM has to offer.

Looking at each of the scripts, I decided it was worth revisiting based on some of my newly acquired PowerShell superpowers (cape not included).

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Installed Modules (Orion)

Installed Orion Modules